Lumber Sales


Frank Lumber has a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality lumber products in the industry.  In 1963 we were the first lumber manufacturer to install a CLT MSR machine. This was implemented to improve grade recovery and help us fill a market niche in the high stress lam market.  We supported this direction by hiring a Quality Control Manager who was responsible for the development and training of highly competent lumber graders, as well as the oversight of our manufacturing and grading processes. This commitment to quality continues to this day.

With the exception of hirakaku which is kiln dried down to a MC level of 19%, all of our products are dried down to a MC level of 15%, and are surfaced to the highest standards.  This ensures a very stable and consistent product that performs well in all markets, even in the driest and hottest regions of our country.  All products contain a KD HT stamp. Our QC Manager takes daily lumber samples off the production line to verify grade, strength characteristics, and manufacturing details to ensure we are delivering the highest quality lumber products to our customers. We utilize West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau as our independent grading agency.  On a monthly basis, they perform a lumber check and inspect our records to ensure all the testing and grading systems we use are accurate.

Product Details

GRADE SUPERVISION: West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (Mill #299) (503)-639-0651

SPECIES: 100%  Coastal Region Douglas Fir

KILN DRIED: Douglas Fir 15% MC; H.T.

PRODUCTION: Approx. 425 per day, 4 days a week

LENGTHS: 8’ TO 20’ (R.L Truck & Car Tallies)


DESIGN VALUES – Click here to view in PDF format.

Grade and Sizes Produced

           2×4            2×5            2×6               2×8             2×10
D&Btr Clear E-Rated Lamina Clear E-Rated Lamina E-Rated Lamina
E-Rated Lamina L-3&Btr E-Rated Lamina L-3&Btr L-3&Btr
L-3&Btr Scant Lam L-3&Btr 2250fb #2&Btr
2500fb Outs 2500fb 1950fb #3
2250fb   2250fb #2&Btr Economy
1800fb   Select Dex #3  
#2 No Wane   1800fb Economy  
J-Grade   #2 No Wane    
#2&Btr   J-Grade    
Std&Btr   #2&Btr    
Utility   #3    
Economy   Economy    


To view a sampling of our products, please click on the pictures below.

Select Dex

2x6 Select Dex - 15% MC


2.1E/2.3 Lam Stock - 15% MC L160 / L140

L3 & Better

L3 & Better LAM Stock - No Grade Stamp


2500 F-MSR - 15% MC


2250 F-MSR - 15% MC


1800 F-MSR - 15% MC

No. 2 &
Better Lumber

No. 2 And Better - 15% MC

No. 3
Pulled to Length

#3 Pulled to Length

Economy Random
Length Units

Economy Random Length Units


Hirakaku Beams - 19% MC / 105mm Thick

No. 2 &
Better Beams

Number 2 and Better Beams

And Better

Econ And Better / 1 or 2 Lengths per Unit


For more information about our products, please contact our Sales Manager.

We manufacture 2×4, 2×6 and 2×8 in 8’ – 20’ lengths. For our international customers we produce 2×5 lam stock.  In the past, we have manufactured Hirakaku for the Japanese post and beam construction market. Currently, we are no longer producing Hirakaku. Most of it is shipped to pre-cut plants, where lumber packages are assembled for single and multi-family housing projects. In the past, we offered Hirakaku dimensions ranging from 105x105mm through 105x300mm in the following lengths:  3.0M, 3.65M, 4.0M, 4.8M, and 6.0M.  Other specialty products we offer are Fascia grade in 2×6, Select Dex in 2×6, j-grade and Cross-Arms in 4×6.

Most of our lumber gets hand wrapped in high quality paper that has a water proof exterior and cellulose interior which absorbs moisture. Even the simple process of hand wrapping our lumber units gets extra attention to ensure that the wrap does not tear off in transit.