Packsaddle Pellets

Frank Lumber has spent the last 60 years building their reputation on efficient forest management, resource conservation, and quality lumber products. The addition of a pellet mill by our affiliate, Frank Pellets, LLC, was a natural step toward total forest utilization. All wood fiber used in our pellet production comes from the saw milling and planing operations of Frank Lumber, has to pass a high level of quality control, and is stored inside clean bunkers and buildings where it never comes in contact with dirt and debris. Frank Pellets was established in 2008 and started manufacturing premium grade wood heating pellets under the brand Packsaddle Pellets.

In 2011 production capacity was substantially increased with the installation of a rotary dryer and an additional raw material storage building. We believe that Frank Pellets produces the highest quality wood heating pellet on the market today. Please give our product a try, as we think you will agree.

Here is an article about our pellet mill published in November 2008: .


  • 100% Douglas Fir
  • No chemical additives
  • Clean burning heat
  • Natural, high quality product
  • Wood Pellets produce a consistent and economical heat
  • Made from 100% shavings and sawdust from our sawmill
  • We use a thicker plastic bag to eliminate tears and spillage


If you are interested in participating as a distributor or wholesaler, please contact Robin Derrick at 503-897-2371 to discuss price, volume and delivery options.