Log & Timber Purchasing

Frank Lumber buys Timberland.  We also buy Douglas-fir logs of the highest quality and must meet strict specifications.  To maintain high quality finished products, the majority of our log supply comes from selected Timber Sales, Commercial Timber Companies and our private timberlands.

A portion of our log supply also comes from local timberland owners.  To see if Frank Lumber is currently purchasing open market logs, contact our Log Buyer:

Russ Minten, Forester
503-339-6588  Cell
503-897-2371  Office

General Specifications for Douglas-fir logs:

A.   Logs shall be merchantable and well manufactured with limbs cut flush to the bark.
B.   No hooked butts or logs with excessive sweep.
C.   Rotten butts must be removed.
D.   Logs with metal or showing metal stain will be graded 75 Foreign Material Cull (no payment).
E.   Preferred lengths in order of preference are:   40′, 36′, 34′ &  32′ all with 10″ of trim.
F.   Preferred short log lengths are:  20′ & 16′ with 10″ of trim.
G.   Maximum butt width measured the widest way is 40″.
H.   Minimum length is 12’10”.  No payment for Short Logs.
I.     Minimum diameter is 5″.  No payment for 4″ and smaller logs.

General Cutting Instructions for Douglas-fir:

A.  Measure all logs.
B.  Buck out all utility.
C.  Minimum log 12′ plus trim.
D.  Buck no log over 40′ plus 10″ trim.
E.  Buck to full 5″ top diameter.
F.  Preferred and maximum log length is:   40′ plus 10″ trim.
G.  Other lengths in order of preference are:   36’10”, 34’10” & 32’10”.
H.  Avoid 22′, 24′, 26′, 28′ and 30′ lengths except for utilization.
I.   If you must buck short log for utilization, cut 20’10” or 16’10” in length.
J.  Sort 5″-11″ & 12″-16″ & 17″+ on separate loads.

Each load must have a trip ticket showing seller, brand, logger and trucker.  Quality and grade shall be determined by the rules of the Northwest Advisory Group and shall be performed by Columbia River Log Scaling & Grading Bureau.  Logs will be Westside scaled aboard truck at Frank Lumber Yard.