Timberland Access

As part of our Fire Prevention Plan, access to our timberlands will be limited at times during the year.  Besides the risks associated with fire, reductions in the following illegal activities are achieved by restrictions or closures to our timberland:

Trespassing                                       Methamphetamine Labs
Marijuana growing                             Poaching
Vandalism/Metal Theft                       Illegal Dumping
Stolen Vehicle Dumping                   Party Fires
Minor Forest Product theft                Timber theft
Road damage                                    Stream/Soil damage from off-road vehicles
Target Shooting

Timberland Access as of 9-29-2014:

Yes – State Fire Regulations in Effect
Yes – Limited Land-Owner Closures Now in Effect
Yes – Walk-In Access Permitted, No Walk-In Permit Required
No –  Unauthorized Motorized Access (Permits Required)
No –  ATV’s or Motorcycles
No –  Camping or Campfires

  • Gated Roads assume NO Unauthorized Motorized Access (even if Gate is unlocked)
  • Respect the adjacent Landowner

The rising cost of fighting wildfires requires greater attention and commitment to the “Prevention” aspects of an effective Fire Program. Frank Timber Resources will review access restrictions as Fire Levels change and weather permits.

State of Oregon Corporate Closure Information:

Industrial Precaution Levels and Regulated Use Closures: